Implements Needed To Cook In The Wild

Any kind of cooking, whether in the open wild or in the closed kitchens, does need a good heat source. That essentially means starting a fire while using the open fields most of the time. Cooking over a fire does need specific tools and implements, and this has to do with the nature of the outdoors which has elements of safety involved as with limiting any damage should something untoward occur.
Listed out below are the basic needs to start cooking in the woods. They are by no means an exhaustive list, but they would seek to provide a minimum set of safe conditions to conduct the cooking.

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1. Covered pots and pans

Any kind of cooking has to have containers to hold the stuff. With the open fire that is used in the outdoors, there is the effect of the smoke getting into the cooking. This would affect how the preparation turns out to be at the end of the session. At the same time, open fire cooking is meant to have the characteristic smokiness about it, and this would come about naturally even without having to make a concerted effort towards it.

2. Fuel

There are always the conveniences like the portable gas stove that can be carried around to any spot to have cooking done. But the very essence of outdoor cooking is in the use of an open fire as the primary heat source. Most of the wild outdoors could have abundant of dead wood that can be collected at will. But in case the visit is to a more organized picnic spot, it would be advisable to have sufficient wood or briquettes as the case might be.

3. Lighter fluid

Most of the outdoor cooking is marked by good gusts of wind. These might never get to be the gale force winds that might upturn trees, but it does help to have something convenient and readily combustible to start out a fire. Most people prefer the simple lighter fluid to start out a fire in the open, and it can be carried around easily too. Just the smallest canisters would do, and in case the outings are more frequent, then a larger container of fluid could be purchased to be used at another occasion.

4. Fire extinguisher

Never do accidents and incidents happen with a prior warning. Thus the right step is to ensure such untoward occurrences are kept to the minimum and in case something does go wrong; be prepared to deal with it. A fire extinguisher must be part and parcel of any outdoor cooking. As it does not pay to be complacent, the correct step is to have a sufficiently large extinguisher to deal with any eventuality.

5. Machete & additional Gear

A trip to the outdoors to have a cooking session would never be complete without something around to cut branches and stumps. Sometimes safe clearings need to be made out of the outgrowth, and a good machete comes to be more than just handy to do it with.
Things needs to carry – try a hunting backpack ( to carry big loads.